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Unravel Your Own Myth

This is a retreat of ceremony, story and celebration. It’s a chance to witness yourself and to acknowledge the similarities and differences between all of our stories. It’s an opportunity to work with your body and to find ways to release the myths that have been doing their best to protect you. It’s a chance to set your stories free, unravel and recreate your own myth, and begin a new journey.

In this retreat you will experience a safe and solid space where you can delve into your own stories through yoga, bring them to light through your writing and transform them into a new truth with which you can walk in beauty and strength.

The ancient land at 42Acres is rich with story and myth, providing a powerful and supportive space for you to completely let go to the healing and transformation that this weekend retreat offers. Earthy, elemental yoga flows allow you to sink down into the layers of the emotional body, uncovering stories that you tell yourself and others. You will then be guided to write these stories out, to share them, celebrate them, thank them and, where appropriate, let them go.

To book your place, contact: hellobodycreative@gmail.com