About us

We are Alison Powell and Ash Bond and we are The Body Creative. (And you are too!)

Here’s a little bit about who we are and how we met and what we do:

Al says: ‘We met at an AcroYoga class that Ash was leading in Bristol back in 2014. I had recently returned from an intense few year of yoga and writing journeys that took me to beautiful places – Joshua Tree and Esalen in California, Rishikesh and Varkala in India, Sezzadio in Italy. I arrived at that first class wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the statement ‘I ❤️ YOGA’. I loved Ash’s energy from the start – she holds space in a way that allows us to grow, no matter how far along our own yoga journeys we are.’

Ash says: The t-shirt said it all. Not only does Al love Yoga but she might (just might) love yoga more than me – and I love yoga a lot. We met first in my Acroyoga class, but we then kept meeting…at Hatha, vinyasa, Forrest and on one particularly memorable occasion, when Alison, dressed all in sparkly white, was leading a large group of yogis in 108 sun salutations on College Green. Yes, we both ❤️ yoga. Turns out we both ❤️ writing too, so we started meeting in coffee shops as well as classes, swapping mats for MacBooks… and The Body Creative was born.

Alison Powell

Ash Bond

Al says: ‘I’ve been writing forever. I have a stack of little books I made as a kid, bags of journals, a laptop of poems and stories and novels. But I started taking it seriously two years ago when I signed up for the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa. Since making that decision to go for it, to make my writing my work, I have completed a novel, had stories published, won prizes, got myself an amazing agent and developed an ever sharpening daily discipline of getting to the page. It goes so well with my yoga practice and I find myself learning from each in equal measure. The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far? It’s the daily practice that matters. Turning up is the thing.’

Ash says: ‘Since I was even tinier than I am now I have been fascinated by stories, so much so that I took a degree in them, or more specifically, the myths and literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But it turns out studying stories, especially if they are in a language different and foreign to yours, is really really difficult. And so I turned to yoga, and every Friday evening at 5pm my creaky shoulders and cranky brain were bathed in beautiful movement and glorious breath. After 4 years of every Friday at 5pm I left the dreaming spires and have been on my Yoga adventure now for over a decade, where I could make every day a Friday. I have taught and travelled internationally, teach full classes full time, completed trainings in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, AcroYoga, Forrest, Restorative, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage… And now I miss the library and am slowly being coaxed back…

Al says:The Body Creative is a collaboration in which we want to share what we’ve discovered. We’re creating space for you to dive deep into your creativity. We’re designing days for you to find your breath, your voice, your feet. We are here to guide you to your intuition, your body wisdom, your true sparklingly awesome potential. We want to help you be your best.’

Ash says: ‘Step into your power, breathe… now pick up a pen and tell the page how you feel.’

A snapshot of Al’s relevant experience:

  • Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training assistant (YogaPrema, Goa/UK) 2016
  • Winner 2016 Bath Short Story Award, Local Prize
  • WriteClub Co-founder, 2016
  • MA Creative Writing, Bath Spa University 2015
  • Writing from Page to Stage one-month writing course (Esalen, California) 2014
  • Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (YogaPrema, Rishikesh/UK) 2013
  • NLP Master Practitioner training (Bristol NLP with Ben Grassby) 2010
  • Diploma in Creative Writing, Bristol University, 2009
  • PGCE English Literature & Drama, Newcastle University, 2005
  • Reiki Level II (Osho Institute, Pune) 2004
  • And much more! See www.alisonpowell.co.uk

A glimpse of Ash’s relevant experience:

  • Full time yoga teacher: Vinyasa, AcroYoga, Restorative, Forrest-inspired
    Ashtanga & Hatha / Indian Association of Yoga & Meditation
  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training / Les Leventhal
  • Advanced Forrest Yoga Training / Ana Forrest
  • Lunar & Elemental Immersions / Acroyoga.org
  • Thai Yoga Massage / Sunshine Network, Lahu
  • Advanced Thai Massage / Hadadi Massage
  • Restorative & Yoga Therapy Training / Melissa Smith
  • Dynamic Thai / Krishnatakis
  • OsteoThai / David Lutt
  • Visiting instructor on Yoga Like Water TT
  • BA Hons Literae Humaniores, Oxford University 2005-2009
  • English Literature teacher, 2009-2012